O​ur tiles collections for bathroom & kitchen decorate ceramic in high regard of your personal taste. ​
Lines and colours conceived for us and for you by world famous artists will make your living spaces as unique. 

    Ceramica Bardelli was originally established as a glazing line in the ’60s, standing out right away for the exceptional quality of its products. In the early ’80s the company began to conduct formal and aesthetic research applied to the art of ceramics, and soon became a key interpreter of trends in the wider-ranging sector of home furnishings and design.
    Products such as I Fili, Daniele Bedini’s Tekne series and Berger and Stahl’s Key Point series marked true milestones in design and gained international recognition (Key Point was shortlisted for the Compasso d’Oro award in ‘91). Right from the start all the company’s products have been oriented towards architects, who still identify Bardelli with applied research in ceramics: both cultural (Ponti, Fornasetti, Chiarenza...) and technical (enamel quality, modularity, colour...).
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