• Tord Boontje

  • Throughout his work, Tord Boontje explores the juxtapositions of old and new, naturalism and technology. A highly inventive designer, he has worked on products and commissions. Born in the Netherlands in 1968, he studied industrial design at the Eindhoven Design Academy before enrolling at the Royal College of Art in London in 1992. After graduating in 1995, his early pieces were made from recycled or found materials, he and his wife, Emma Woffenden, founded “tranSglass”, a company utilising recycled wine bottles to make exquisitely cut and shaped tableware and vases. The launch of Tord’s “Wednesday Collection” in 2001, following the birth of his daughter Evelyn, marks an evolution in Tord’s work. The Wednesday Collection harnesses advanced materials and technologies to create products with a romantic, poetic aesthetic, depicting nature combined with a flair for vibrancy and colour. Tord has worked and still works with different companies (Swarovski, Habitat, Artecnica, Authentics, Kvadrat, Moroso, Alexander McQueen, HP and Philips) on a wide range of projects. Tord has created the following permanent installations: an artwork for British Airways at Heathrow airport, a candelabra for the Delano Hotel in Miami. In 2009 Tord was appointed Professor of Design Products at the Royal College of Art. In 2012 Tord opened his new studio and shop in Shoreditch, London.


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