• Daniele Bedini

  • Daniele Bedini born in Florence in 1952 where he graduated in Architecture. He wrote the first degree thesis in Europe on space architecture in association with NASA. Since 2012 he has lived and worked in London in the field of architecture, restoration and interior design together with his eldest son Edgar, architect in the Florence studio, and a team of creatives. He also teaches at three of the most important international universities in England. More specifically, he is the head lecturer on the only European course on space design, with the support of ESA and NASA, at Kingston University. As an expert in space design and space tourism, he works as general manager with the most important European and international aerospace organisations and businesses, and oversaw the ESA experiment on board the “Mediet” International Space Station. His designs have long been regarded as some of the most innovative and advanced around thanks to his background in the most advanced fields of research. As an industrial designer he works, together with his team, for leading businesses in the sector, and is a member of ADI and its “Permanent Design Observatory”.Many of his designs have been published by important dailies and prestigious industry publications.


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