• Idarica Gazzoni has lived and worked in Milan for the past 15 years. She began working as painter after attending the Van Der Kelen School of Decorative Painting in Brussels, which teaches various wall painting techniques. Her decorative painting has improved in refinement thanks to the vast Italian pictorial heritage and many examples and sources of inspiration. Her repertoire ranges from Pompeian painting to Renaissance painting and the 19th century; the latter period was distinguished by its eclecticism, which gave new impetus to many forms of decorative expression. In recent times, Idarica has made use of the computer to create a new series of decorative motives always inspired by the past, which, reinterpreted, adjusts to the most contemporary homes. Her works mainly use water-base paint and natural earth pigments. She illustrated the Manuale della Buona Creanza [Guide to Good Manners] by Adalberto Cremonese, published by Rizzoli in 1992 and Chic Shake & Choc [Chic, Shake and Shock] by Annamaria Sbisà and Michela Solbiati published by Parole di Cotone Edizioni in 1999. Her homes and works have been published in magazines such as Casa Brutus (1995), Elle Decor (12/96, 11/97), The World of Interiors (02/98), Casa Vogue (06/94), AD (11/98, 03/99), Deco Home Germania (01/99), AD In Campagna (2000) and House and Garden America (07/01). She is also preparing a range of hand-painted wallpaper. Visit the website www.bizywoman.com - she edits its page on homes - to read her suggestions and admire some of her works.



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