• Guido Berger & Annette Stahl

  • In their office, BERGER & STAHL, Guido Berger and Annette Stahl have been committed to design development for the sanitary area since 1977. Known and successful products have been pioneered in the past 23 years in close cooperation with Aldo Provini, head of the Italian firm, Rapsel Spa.Since 1993 BERGER & STAHL have been developing an innovative design concept for public cloakrooms in European railway stations. The requirements of the users of public cloakrooms have been analysed in various market studies. Surveys carried out in various European countries indicate that there is a growing demand for hygiene, comfort and aesthetic appeal as a result of increasing mobility. There is a need for pleasant, attractive and carefully planned facilities to replace the partially horrendous conditions in public "toilets". A distinct impetus for designers of sanitary units to develop new concepts. Market surveys carried out by BERGER & STAHL also testify that there is no adequate accessory product range for public / partially public sanitary areas that fulfil these new requirements.



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