• Piero Fornasetti

  • Was a Milanese painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of art books, organiser of international exhibitions, and creator of over eleven thousand objects and of stage sets and costumes. Generally recognised as the most typical representative of the surviving art of decoration, he was defined by Gio Ponti as “a genuine Italian”, given the nature of his works, fully in line with the celebrated Italian tradition. From tiny buttons to pieces of furniture, from the interior of transatlantic ships to exceptional exhibitions, during his lifetime this unusual promoter of excellent workmanship developed a fantastic parallel world. Over time, Fornasetti renovated shapes and decorations without ever following the trends, but rather forestalling them. Or better still, creating an unmistakable style which ensures his creations will continue to amaze for their extraordinary visual language. His creations span across all fields: fabrics and fashion, glassware and metals, lacquers and porcelain, theatre and great exhibitions. His works may be found in many collections, in Italy and worldwide.

    Barnaba, Piero’s son, is the guardian of his father’s inheritance. Delving with expert tenacity and passion into the precious Fornasetti Archive, he re-edits Piero’s most significant items, and reinvents others, in line with the artisan tradition inaugurated by his father. Thus, Fornasetti’s extraordinary visual language never ceases to amaze, becoming more powerful and full of life than ever before.


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