• Tuli-Charme
    design by Ronald van der Hilst

  • Four decorative themes in black and white of various dimensions, created entirely by hand on a glossy background (Bianco Extra), in 20x20 cm format.

    Tuli-Charme 1 collection of 9 decorated pieces.

    Tuli-Charme 2 collections of 15 decorated pieces.

    Tuli-Charme 3 collections of 18 decorated pieces.

    Tuli-Charme 4 collections of 20 decorated pieces


  • “ For me, design is a language. I start by writing a text in which I crystallize for the client and myself what the lines of force will be. I ‘translate’ what the client puts forward and requests into a project that fits like a custom-made suit - where I have shaped the style, the characteristics, and the forms into a single story, a harmonic whole. That is the concept”.


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